Used Grease/Cooking Oil & Fat/Bone Removal Services

With Aurora Tallow, you never have to worry about scheduling, or overflowing containers, or not being up to code. We give you regular service, with no messes and no disruption to your business. Yes, it's that easy!

Our Customers

We work with any business that generates used grease, including:

  • Restaurants/Cafeterias/Food Service Establishments
  • Food Manufacturing & Processing Operations
  • Grocery Stores/Butcher Shops
  • Festivals/Special Events
  • References available!

Grease & Used Cooking Oil Disposal & Recycling Services

Our service is straightforward: We come out with our truck, pump out your used grease, and are on our way. That's all there is to it! Click here to learn about how we process your grease at our Morrison, Illinois facility.

Fat & Bone Processing Services

We empty your fat & bone barrel into our truck and we cart the refuse away – leaving you with a clean area free of spills and mess. True to the Aurora Tallow reputation, the whole process is completely hassle-free!

Grease Trap Maintenance

Should you need service to your grease trap, we contract with a reliable, responsive partner. Because of our long-standing relationship, our partner will automatically discount the bill of all Aurora Tallow customers.

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