Grease Disposal & Recycling Process

Since 1971, our goal has always been to provide the very best in grease and used cooking oil disposal and recycling services – and to make it a simple, hassle-free experience for you. Here's how we do it.


Used Grease Pickups

For your first service, call us when your tank is getting full and we'll schedule your pickup promptly. Thereafter, you never have to call us again. We'll gauge how often we need to come for future pickups, and we'll take care of the scheduling for you!

When we arrive at your business, our trucks will remove the contents of your container, with no disruption to your operations. And we always leave the area neat and clean, so you don't get ticketed. We can even provide documentation if the health department requests it.

Best yet, our container service is free to you! Click here for details on the grease containers we provide.


Recycling Process

We take the used grease to our processing facility in Morrison, IL, where it undergoes several stages:

  • First, we separate the water from the solids.
  • Then we ship the solids to other suppliers to be processed into animal feed, bio-diesel fuel, soap, degreasers and cleaning products.
  • We process the water again and sell the leftover solids as boiler fuel.
  • The remaining water is rich in nitrogen and potassium, which we land-apply as fertilizer to local crops.
Our entire grease recycling process is environmentally friendly and uses 100% of your waste oil. Click here to learn about our green operations!

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