Oil Disposal & Recycling

Oil and Grease Recycling, and the other services provided by Aurora Tallow.

Hassle Free Cooking Oil and Grease Recycling

At Aurora Tallow, we’ve set the standard for service and cleanliness in the Oil and Grease Recycling Industry for 50 years. We serve Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Festivals/Special Events… basically anywhere in the Chicagoland area that food is handled.

Food Service businesses choose us because we keep things simple. You call us and we handle the rest.


Equipment Delivery

We deliver the correct equipment for the collection of your materials.



We monitor your material levels to understand your normal usage.



We schedule material pickups around times that serve you best.



We pick up your materials carefully, and make sure the area is clean when we’re done.

Sanitary Collection of Used Oil and Grease

Our team pays special attention to caring for your oil and grease collection equipment. It is our name on the front of it, and we want it to be a correct reflection of our company. That tank is also on your property, and we value the trust you put in us to keep your property clean.

Oil Collection Truck Aurora

Custom Designed

Oil Collection Trucks with Dump Technology

Our oil collection trucks are custom designed with dump technology to safely and thoroughly empty your collection tanks and to do so without spills and waste. Our state-of-the-art trucks provide sanitary collection of your used oil and grease, even in the harsh, windy Chicago winters. This allows us to collect all year long.

We take the additional step of outfitting our trucks with power washing equipment, leaving your oil collection area as clean (or cleaner) than it started. We do so much more than haul away your old cooking oil. We are an area leader in oil and grease recycling because we obsess over Service and Sanitation.

On a Mission to Change

Taking Better Care of Our Planet

Aurora Tallow is on a mission to change the way companies look at our industry. To put it plainly, many consider this industry a necessary inconvenience at best, and pretty gross at worst. The facts, however, tell a different story.

According to the North American Renderers Association, our industry:

  • Reclaims 3.7 billion gallons of water, cleaning it and returning that water to rivers and streams.
  • Sequesters 5 times more greenhouse gases than is produced, which is the equivalent of removing 18.5 million cars from the road EACH YEAR.
  • Reduce food waste by up to 50%, diverting 62 Billion pounds of food waste away from our landfills.

Oil and Grease Recycling, and the other services provided by Aurora Tallow and our industry, contribute to a cleaner planet. We are proud to say that we recycle 100% of collected materials. Nothing is wasted.

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