Used Oil and Grease Recycling with Aurora Tallow

Many businesses look at the used oil and grease industry as a necessary inconvenience or even a bit gross. Aurora Tallow is taking steps to help educate the business community of the tremendous environmental benefits that are provided by our industry.

Global and Local Environmental Benefits

The North American Renderers Association shares many of these environmental benefits, including:

  • 62 billion pounds of food waste is diverted from Landfills
  • 3.7 billion gallons of water is cleaned, reclaimed and returned to rivers and streams
  • 5 times as many greenhouse gases are sequestered as are produced
  • To equal this impact, we would need to remove 18.5 million cars from the road every year.
  • Bio-diesel fuel generates 80% fewer carbon emissions than petroleum diesel

Local Oil and Grease Processing Center

This means less transport of these materials to large, nationally branded processing centers across the country.

Re-Use and Recycle 100%

We re-use and recycle 100% of collected materials using efficient equipment and processes that are environmentally friendly.

Providing Farmers with Nutrient Dense Fertilizer

We apply our nitrogen and potassium rich waste water to crop fields in our local area, providing farmers with a nutrient dense fertilizer.

Process and People

100% of all used oil and grease collected by Aurora Tallow is recycled and used to produce animal feed, bio-diesel fuel, soap, degreasers and other cleaning products.

Aurora Tallow is a licensed Fat and Bone removal company through the Department of Agriculture.
We are certified for land application of waste water, holding an EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. This allows us apply the nitrogen and potassium rich waste water to local crop fields.

Our President, Jim Hruby is an EPA licensed waste water treatment operator.


Every Aurora Tallow Collection truck is licensed and certified with the Department of Agriculture. Our trucks are also fitted with dump technology that allows for cleaner, more complete removal of oil and grease.