Responsible Fat and Bone Processing and Recycling

Food Manufacturers, Grocery Stores and Butcher Shops rely on Aurora Tallow to maintain a clean working environment. Once you’ve placed your fat, bones and other food waste in the collection container, we do the rest.

Fat and Bone Recycling for a wide range of products

We supply you with the proper containers to collect inedible raw meat, fat, bone and other food waste. We maintain a regular pickup schedule to ensure your business continues to run smoothly. We remove all materials from your property, and transport them for local processing, allowing the unwanted meat scraps, fat and bone to be reused for a wide variety of products.

Responsibly Recycle and Reuse 100% of all collected materials

We keep your collection area free of spills, leaving you with a clean, sanitary workspace. We help you keep these unwanted fat, bone and other meat scraps out of landfills where they are harmful to the surrounding water supply and environment in general these materials out of landfills. We provide you with documentation you need to remain in compliance with local, state and federal agencies.

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Re-using Unwanted Meat Scrap, Fat and Bone Materials

Treating animals respectfully and responsibly is crucial to our overall food chain. With so much of animals considered inedible by most Americans, we have to find ways to re-use and recycle these materials, so they don’t just go to waste.

Fertilizers and Animal Feed: Much of the material that we collect is able to be transformed into products used to feed other animals and plants.

Bio-Diesel: The use of Bio-Diesel produces fewer carbon emissions than diesel made with petroleum. (roughly 80% fewer), AND it is renewable. Soap and Other Cleaning Materials: Transforming your fat, bone and other meat scraps into these and other materials helps us reduce waste and lower our environmental impact.

Change the Way Companies look at our industry

Fat, Bone and Other Animal Scrap recycling plays a pivotal part in our world. Join Aurora Tallow in our mission to change the way companies look at our industry. Call us today at (630) 393-6806.

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