Collection Tanks Sized for Need and Available Space

Restaurants and Food Service companies have varying needs when it comes to Oil and Grease disposal. During our initial review, we will determine the size of oil collection tank that will not only suit your needs, but also fit within the space provided.
Oil Disposal Monitoring Aurora

Determining your Normal patterns of use

We then monitor your material level on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, as we determine your normal patterns. We are then able to adjust our collection schedule to ensure you always have a clean tank that is ready for use.

Our Collection Tanks

Many companies use our 200 or 300 gallon tanks, but we have a variety of material collection options, depending on what makes the most sense for your business

200- and 300-gallon tanks

Used for businesses who need reliable material collection that does not interrupt their normal business flow. We schedule oil and grease collection around the busiest times for your business. We don’t want our collection truck to be the first thing a lunch patron sees before dining.

55 gallon drums

Used primarily for customers who need that additional flexibility given by the drums smaller footprint, or simply do not use the volume of oil that would require a full tank.

Inside Pump Out Systems

Inside Pump Out Systems reduce the amount of labor required for used cooking oil containment, as well as the risk of accidents. Pump out systems are designed to be a nearly completely automated service.

Customized Dump Technology

Our branded blue trucks have served the Chicagoland area for 50 years, and are recognized in our area as a symbol of quality work. All of our trucks are customized with dump technology that allows for materials to be collected cleanly and safely, without risking spills. This technology is vital, because it allows us to service your collection tank in all weather conditions, including our brutal Chicago winters.

We have always been committed (some say obsessed) with maintaining clean equipment. We have outfitted each of our collection trucks with pressure washers. Our team keeps our collection tanks and your property free of drips and spills that are unappealing to employees and guests.

Licensed and Insured Services

We believe that Aurora Tallow is a name that the Food Service industry has grown to know and trust over our history. We maintain that standard by keeping a fully licensed and insured fleet of trucks and employees who keep a watchful eye on the quality of work we provide.

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