About Aurora Tallow

For over 45 years, we've strived to make a difference, by offering a convenient, necessary service that benefits our community and our environment. We're proud to say that our customers know they can count on us.


Our Story

Ray HrubyWe began as underdogs, when Ray Hruby started a small business called Ray's Grease Service in 1971. He faced tough competition from big industry names, but Ray was never one to back down from a challenge. Instead, he focused on the basics: dealing with customers honestly and providing quality, reliable service. As his reputation grew, so did the business – steadily and surely.

In 1984, Ray teamed up with a partner who owned a small recycling plant in Morrison, Illinois, to form Morrison Grease Recycling. Ray sold Ray's Grease Service to his son Jim, who renamed the company Aurora Tallow. Eventually, Ray bought out the partner…and eventually, Jim bought out Ray – bringing Morrison Grease Recycling into the Aurora Tallow company name.

We've since grown to become a well-established industry leader. But we've never lost sight of what really counts: hard work and outstanding customer service. Furthermore, all our work is done on American soil – nothing gets shipped overseas.

We're pleased to say this strategy has paid off!



Our Facility

Since those first days, Jim has upgraded and modernized our equipment. We're also environmentally friendly; our Morrison, Illinois grease recycling plant is EPA-certified, and Jim is EPA-certified for land application of the waste water the process generates. Click here to learn more about the green process we use in our facility!



Our People

Ray HrubyAurora Tallow is second-generation family-owned, with the third generation also involved in the management of the company. Jim personally keeps a close eye on all of our operations, to make sure business is always done right. You'll especially notice our work ethic with our drivers, many of whom have been with Aurora Tallow for over a decade. Our drivers develop good working relationships with our customers, and they've built our reputation for treating the customer right.

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