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Hassle Free Oil and Grease Recycling

Aurora Tallow provides Oil and Grease Disposal and Recycling Services throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. 

All of Your Needs Under One Roof

Our focus on service and sanitation make us the clear choice for Restaurants, Food Processing Centers and any company looking to take the hassle out of food waste recycling.

We offer a variety of waste oil recycling services, from used cooking oil and grease disposal to fat and bone processing and recycling.

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Used Cooking Oil and Grease Disposal

Our hassle-free oil and grease pickup and recycling are scheduled by our team based on your business needs. We don’t wait for you to call with an overflow problem. We show up to help before you realize you need our help.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

Our reliable service technicians arrive on time and maintain your grease trap and the surrounding area in a way that minimizes both downtime and overall business impact.

System Hydro jetting

We are now licensed to help remove blockages in your piping system. Our hydro jetting services utilize high powered water pressure to remove blocks and keep your system running smoothly.

Butcher Shop Scrap/Fat and Bone Processing

We remove fat & bone waste from your facility based on either a regular schedule or as needed basis. We cart the refuse away, and leave you with a clean area free of spills and mess.

Proudly Serving Chicagoland Since 1971

Aurora Tallow has built a reputation for unrivaled service and attention to detail in our industry.

Restaurants and other food service companies in the Chicagoland area choose us because we offer things many competitors simply don’t:

Oil disposal scheduling and monitoring

We monitor new customers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to understand normal usage. We then build a schedule around that volume to ensure you don’t have to call us for pick up, or to deal with an overfilled tank.

Environmental Impact

100% of all materials collected are recycled and re-used. We used custom dump technology to avoid leaks and spills. We avoid waste at every turn, allowing us to responsibly recycle and upcycle all collected materials.

Keeping Your Ground Clean

Each of our collection trucks is equipped with a power washer. Our tanks and collection area are a reflection of your business, as well as ours. We leave your collection tank and area in its best condition after every material pick up.

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